Intuition vs. Anxiety

‘How do I tell the difference between my anxiety and my intuition.’  This is such a challenge for so many clients. When the line between your anxious sense and your intuitive sense is so blurred it can be almost impossible to trust your intuition. There are several tips we use in the Gym. One very simple one is that intuition doesn’t have what we call “a thought trail.” This is often how anxiety steps into the spotlight and we worry that something bad is about to happen and then we begin to make association connections of thought that we mistake as intuition. With an intuitive experience, there is no preceding thought that links to the next or the next and it doesn’t bring that sense of worry or dread. There is no trail. It arrives with a clear-knowing or feeling or image. We may have thoughts or emotions that surface after the intuitive hit but not simultaneously like anxiety or fear. – Fresh Intuition

Must think on this later…

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The answer is this. They took these protective steps, and there was no catastrophe. They tend to believe that these steps “saved” them from a catastrophe. This thought makes them worry more about “the next time”. It convinces them that they are terribly vulnerable and must constantly protect themselves.


I can’t remember the books Payam recc’d, but here are things that kiiinda ring a bell?



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