How do I love thee?

Put into words the ways in which I love you, Mr. Cohen? Not an easy task. In truth, quite daunting.

I love that time seems to stand still and yet speed too quickly by when we are together.

I love that nowhere feels as safe and secure and happy as the world while in your arms.

I love that seeing your face, hearing your voice, feeling your lips against my forehead all make a terrible, ridiculous day, infinitely better.

I love that you love me. I love that you see past my bullshit and can read the emotions I attempt to hide from you.

I love that you accept me for my flaws.

I love your flaws. No. I hate some of them. But they make up you and don’t detract at all from the love I have for you.

I love that I was never able to get over you.

I love that you were not able to get over me.

I love that we are in this together.

You have a ruthlessness that never disappears but softens when it comes to me. And in that compromise I feel your love for me.

I love the freckles across your nose.

I love the way you use your hands.

I love the expressions you make.

I love your eyebrows.

I love your little ears.

I love your perfect nose.

I love the quiet, comfortable silences between us. That they are moments that don’t need words to fill them.

I love that I understand you. I love that you’ve let me in. It hasn’t been easy and never will be. But I will try, forever.

I love that you never shy away from me. That if ever I reach for you, you’re there.

I love that you never cease trying to make me see my beauty through your eyes.

I love that after all we’ve been through, we haven’t gone backwards. We are growing up together. Working through our lives together. Healing wounds together.

I don’t want anyone else in this life but you.

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