So far, not so good

No workout yesterday. I honestly meant to, but then opted to just spend time with my roommates :)

Today has been a truly lazy day so far. I was going to workout at 9am but then decided to go after my meeting with Sol. But then that got pushed back to 2pm. Blah. I still mean to make soup and clean my room…but how can I get it all done in a day?! This tight scheduling I like to do really only works when I plan everything out by hour. Arelia was right. She said I would reach a point where I would need a planner that broke the day down hour by hour. I said no way. She said just wait. The time has come :)

2p meet sol at starbucks

4p threading

4:300p groceries (tomatoes, red peppers, bacon, veggie broth)

5p gym time

6:45p shower

7:30p cook!/clean room!/etc!

then bed relatively early in preparation for tomorrow morning’s AM shift. le sigh.

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