A new leaf

So I decided against an expensive monthly pilates/yoga membership and opted for a membership to LA Fitness. It’s nice belonging to a gym again. And the variety of equipment and classes available keeps me from becoming bored of my routine. And since it’s 1) indoors, and 2) easy to do before/after work it will keep me from making excuses. I already feel better mentally now that I’m being proactive about the insecurities surrounding my body image. I’ve also made an effort to keep up with healthy snacks every two hours and healthy breakfasts and lunches. I only really eat a big dinner if I’m working PM shifts (which has been so for the past three days). Salads are my staple since they’re easy to put together. Bento box-style snacks have been my savior. I’ve also been trying to stay conscious of my calorie counts and doing this a HEALTHY way that will stick.

I learn more about myself all the time. My mindset and motivation depend a lot on my self-image. Call me shallow or whatever, but if I feel like I look shitty and lacking exercise it translates into feeling shitty and unmotivated in everything else. I just let that shit get to me.

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