Dear Andrew

You’ve changed.

This wasn’t the way you were when you were living in the valley, or on your trip, or even a couple weeks ago.

You’re harder. Rougher. Less patient. Less warm. It isn’t the same. And it’s not just me.

Yes, I admit it’s not the easiest thing to be on the phone with me. Especially because you can’t even take ten minutes away from what you were doing. I understand being absorbed in an activity but I feel like after this long, you can take ten minutes to talk to me. Even if you don’t think what I move on to talk about is important.

I’m sorry I’m emotional. I know part of it is stress just looking at this next week; and the other part is stressing out about not getting my period yet. Which is why I am overly emotional and feel as if I’ve been PMS-ing for three weeks straight.

It’s hard being with someone whose patience wears thin and then results in my feeling the consequences. I know that’s what you deal with from me and you would normally demonstrate a mosnter-amount of patience, but I don’t feel that from you either, lately at least.

And it’s even harder when you seem stressed out and aren’t warm or loving or receptive. Sex isn’t the only important part. Listening, paying attention, and the little things. I don’t want them to be forgotten in light of stress. I know your job keeps you busy enough for two people and it’s not like that will lessen or ever go away. So working through this and finding  a balance is important to me.

As is being understanding of where I am coming from and how my head works. I will react in ways that are different from how you’d choose to but that doesn’t mean that I’m a child or “not a grown-up”, as you put it. That was hurtful. I know I am not as rational as you but that 1) doesn’t mean I’m wrong and 2) doesn’t mean you should be condescending.

It may feel like the last straw to you, but what we go through is not that bad. At least compared to the host of other problems that others experience. It is trying and it is difficult.

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