Oh, Monday

Update: I’ve acquired a clothes-sorter/laundry hamper and 2 large plastic bins. The hamper has helped my clothing situation a bit. It looks really awkward in my room though because my bed is so low. Oh well. The plastic bins…will eventually be used to store papers and junk in the garage. I have spent the last two nights in Long Beach with Mr. Lovely so I haven’t given much attention to my declutter project. As well, my back still isn’t 100% so it’s a good thing I haven’t been straining and sitting too much.

Blah, I still need to write a post on that event.

I really want our apartment to look more homey! And I want my room to be neater. Helping Mr. Lovely move in (or rather, just observing him moving in :) I really only did dishes and folded clothes) made me realize that I adore his apartment! The wood floors, the molding, the art. I love it! My apartment is so MESSY! I guess it’s unavoidable since we are four busy girls who’ve each got a lot going on. That will be my personal goal, though, in the upcoming weeks – clean and decorate the apartment! As for my room, I want to get a new bedframe and maybe take down the hutch above my desk. It would certainly make my room FEEL bigger. In addition, I want to donate LOADS of clothing. I have way too much just sitting in boxes and suitcases while the weather gets cooler and many people do not have enough. CHOC accepts clothing donations as well as Salvation Army.

Briefly, the story of my back injury: I strained an erector spinae muscle or so my Nursey Poo sister believes. It totally floored me the first two days and I had to call out of work. I could barely drive my car without tearing up. With a lot of rest, ice and Tiger Balm I am slowly recovering. It still gets stiff, I can’t get up easily and walking, standing or sitting for long periods gets painful. I have 35 hours of community service to do in about 20 days, a union to organize, a living wage to canvass for and a job to do (not to mention all the other things I want to do for ME i.e., laundry, decluttering, cleaning) and I desperately NEED to get better. It’s extremely frustrating. And what’s more, I can’t work out at ALL while my back is injured. Back injuries SUCK. I can’t understand how Andrew went for so long with so much back pain.

Anyway. I want to try to write in this regularly in order to not forget how to write and use proper English. Or…relatively proper English :)

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