So many things I want to do: organize my room/etc, decorate the apartment, beauty purchases, clothing purchases, and a JUICER and french press.

I don’t know which to prioritize.

I think this paycheck, I  will concentrate on the organizing and health-related expenses. So first in line? JUICER. About $70 dollars if I get a nice one off of Craigslist. French press, I’ll hold off and just use the Keurig for now. Next, organizing bins + laundry sorter. It will definitely help keep my room looking less cluttered. Decisions…do I order the laundry sorter from Amazon which has a hanging rack or do I pick the one up from Target which doesn’t have the upper rack…hmm high racks tend to make the room look more full and crowded so I’ll just get the one from Target. Off I go!

Before/after pictures to follow.

Sidenote: I really wish I could spend the day out in a coffee shop blogging, drinking coffee and catching up on correspondence. I don’t think my recently injured back (more on that later) would hold up though. Thankfully, the past two days I’ve taken off work has made for a speedy recovery.

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