Anxiety, we haven’t talked in awhile…

I thought I’d gotten over this.

Well, I still might have. This isn’t exactly the same thing. As that.

This is why I had taken a break from the messiness of feelings. Those feelings. I don’t want to feel unsure, insecure, questioning. I want the straightforwardness of friendships. I don’t want to ask myself WHY you didn’t do those things. WHY you did that thing. This feels new again. I haven’t felt these feelings for awhile. And it was refreshing. I was wondering when I would. And BAM. Haha. My mind is racing. My hands are trembly. My tummy does flips. And (almost) nothing. I know the situation is different. There are new obstacles. There are important reasons why I should not even consider pursuing this. Sigh.

Why is the one person I want to talk to about this hungover?

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