Self-control is always an issue. Balancing what’s “good” for me and what I want right then and there is a struggle. Sigh.

My head was filled with things I wanted to talk about until I drowned them out with good lyrics, “sick beats” and a fun winding drive home.

I got a parking ticket today. That’s the last time I’m ever using ARC parking. At least until I get my campus parking permit.

Joe, Dan and I watched The Hangover and Public Enemies in Orange. Movie hop hop hop. We at Krispy Kreme too *guilt*

Joe is going to make me a 4-week diet plan thing. Yippee.

What. The. Hell. I can’t remember what I wanted to write about. I should start dictating into my voice memo app on my phone.

Geez. I work too much. 6 8-hour shifts per week.

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