Don’t cha?

You amaze me. You attempt to assume this guise of confidence and self-assuredness that you do not actually embody. Your facade is transparent at best. Your forced compliments, your insults. Your narcissistic remarks coupled with you voicing your insecurities left and right? It’s almost comical.

4 thoughts on “Don’t cha?

    • yes, unfortunately i’m describing an actual person. it’s disappointing, seeing a friend’s true colors. how do you handle people like that?

      • [sometimes you try to figure
        out why they are like that,
        like trying to figure some
        sort of puzzle, other times
        I just start to focus my
        attention on more genuine

    • yeah, i’m starting to drift away from said person. i don’t think i need that type of energy or influence. i’ve known him/her long enough to know that the situation will not change.

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